Frames and Lenes

Frames and Lenes

1.Do you sell frames without lenses?

Yes, you can purchase frames only without lenses.

2.How do I know which frames will look best on me?

Our face shape guide can help you determine what style of frames will work best with your facial features. You can also use it to see for yourself which frames complement your face the most. Lastly, our expert opticians are always available via phone to make recommendations regarding frame shapes, styles, and colors.

3.Out of Stock Frame


You probably got here because you're looking for a frame that is at the moment out of stock, this might happen from time to time- but don't worry! Our customer service will be glad to let you know when your frame is coming back to our stock, or any other questions related to out of stock frames. For any other questions please contact our customer service

By e-mail:

Or by phone: 0086-13857799191

4.What is the difference between Acetate and Standard Plastic?

Acetate is a premium plastic that is more durable than standard plastic. Acetate is also extremely lightweight and more flexible than Standard Plastic, as well as having more diverse color patterns and richer hues. Standard Plastic also tends to be more brittle. 

5.Which lenses do you offer?

We offer prescription lenses for four different vision types: distance, near.

· Single vision - Starting at $7.99

You can learn more about our lens types via the following link.

You can also add sunglasses lenses:

· Photochromic lenses - $15.80

· Rx Sunglasses - Starting at $28.00

You can learn more about our Sunglasses lenses via the following link.

6. May I order lenses only?

Yes, will allow you to purchase prescription lenses only. We’ll send to you the originally produced lenses without any cutting. You can go and ask your local glasses shop to cut the lenses so as to fit your own eyeglasses. Additionally, you must speak with an optician, and give us the RX before you place order for prescription lense.