1.What is the strongest prescription you can fill?

We can fill prescriptions as strong as:

1)SPHERE > -6.00

2)CYLINDER > -2.00

3)SPHERE > +6.00

2.Do you offer prescription sunglasses?

We sure do! Most of our sunglasses can be made with prescription, Transition (light adjusting), or tinted lenses. Most of our regular prescription glasses can be converted into sunglasses too! Exceptions may apply with bifocal or progressive lenses.  Shop Rx. sunglasses.

3.Why new prescription lenses sometimes make us feel a bit uncomfortable?

1) Compared to old lenses, power had been changed. So, when customers wear the new lenses, they may feel a bit dizzy or eyes feel uncomfortable.

2) Old glasses will be out of shape after long time use. Cutomers may feel a bit uncomfortable when they wearing a new pair of glasses, because customers had used to the not right shape of old glasses.

3) If customers used to wearing independent nose pad glasses, they may feel a bit uncomfortable when they change to wear a new pair of glasses with connected nose pad.

4) Maybe the wrong lenses of your former eyeglass effect you not comfortable when wearing new right power lenses.

5) If the optometrist offer you not precise data in optical prescription (Rx), this will also make you feel unwell when wearing new eyeglass.

4. Can prescription lenses be returned? 

Since all the prescription lenses be processed according customers' needs, they cannot be sold for a second time. So, prescription lenses cannot be returned only if they has quality problems.

5.Can I use my contact lens prescription?

Unfortunately your contact lens prescription will greatly differ from your eyeglass prescription. If you don’t have a valid eyeglasses prescription we recommend asking your optician for a copy of your previous one or making an appointment to get an updated version

6.Can I get non-prescription glasses?

You bet. All of the frames you see on our site can be sold as non-prescription frames. Just click on the one you want and select Non-prescription Glasses (Fashion or Pop-out) under the question, If you need to buy a computer glasses?Please click computer glasses to buy.

7. Can I send my prescription by fax or email?

Yes you can!

Below are all the options for sending your prescription.


Instead of fill it online you can just upload it via the following link. Dont forget to mention your order id and full name.

Send by Email

If you are not comfortable with uploading your prescription you can also send it via email. Just send it to: 

Send by What’s app

Liza’s what’s app account: 0086-13857799191

8.How do I get my prescription?

Make an appointment with your optician or local vision centre for an eye exam. While you’re there, be sure to ask for your PD (pupillary distance) measurements. If you’ve had an exam within the last two years, ask your doctor to send you a copy.

9.What are Cylinder (CYL) and AXIS values?

Both Cylinder and Axis values refer to an astigmatism in your prescription. Cylinder refers to the strength and Axis refers to the rotation of the cylindrical lens that runs on a plane of 1-180°. If you don’t have an astigmatism, or you have 00/Plano/DS written in the cylinder fields, then select “none” for both CYL and AXIS.

10.What if I don’t have a valid prescription?

No Problem. You can still order your glasses and email us your updated prescription afterwards to or send to what’s app 008613857799191. We’ll wait for your valid prescription before we start processing your order.

11.What if I entered the wrong prescription?

Try to contact us within 24 hrs, since we try to process our orders quickly. As soon as you catch the mistake, call us a call at  0086-577-89888562 or email us on our ‘Contact Us’ page. Be sure to have your order number accessible and the correct prescription with you.